Independence Night (1948)

Feb 11, 1948 52 min Watch Trailer

overview : Park, Ohn - Ran (Kim Shin - jae) has been watching the surroundings of the pawn shop owner Min - ga, who is the enemy who killed his father with Song (Choi Dong - san) for five years. The private house tries to rape her daughter who does not recognize her daughter Sunhee to leave the ring. Young-gil (Choi In-gyu) goes in front of the pawn shop and saves Sun-hee and the two hide in a nearby warehouse. Sunhee left after the mother who was driven by the private house and came back from liberation. Song binds Sunhee and Kyungil, but Olan releases her, saying that the house is the enemy and not the daughter. And after hearing the conversation between the two, he finds that he is his younger brother.
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Choi In-kyu
Yim Woon-hak
Park Gyeong-il
Min Dong-sik
Kim Shin-jae
Park Ok-ran
Min Seon-hui
Choe Ji-ae
Choe Dong-san
Song Chun-ho
Park Yong-uk
Jang Hwa-suk

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