Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon (2010)

Oct 15, 2010 16 min Watch Trailer

overview : The film follows Hiccup and his young fellows accompanying their mentor, Gobber, on a quest to kill the legendary Boneknapper Dragon. An extra that accompanies the film "How to Train Your Dragon".
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Jay BaruchelHiccup Horrendous Haddock III (voice)
Gerard ButlerStoick (voice)
Craig FergusonGobber (voice)
America FerreraAstrid Hofferson (voice)
Jonah HillSnotlout Jorgenson (voice)
Christopher Mintz-PlasseFishlegs Justin Ingerman (voice)
Kristen WiigRuffnut Thorston (voice)
T.J. MillerTuffnut Thorston (voice)
John DiMaggioGobber's Father (voice)
Kevin Michael RichardsonThor (voice)
Robin Atkin DownesADR Group (voice)
Kieron ElliottADR Group (voice)
Jean GilpinADR Group (voice)
Paula J. NewmanADR Group (voice)
Moira QuirkADR Group (voice)
Alan ShearmanADR Group (voice)

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