Fly (2013)

Sep 24, 2013 97 min Watch Trailer

overview : Suspended in time, a widower drifts endlessly between nights and days that melt into one continuous longing for a love that will never die but can no longer be. When the blinding sun coming through the window suddenly forces him back into life with Mitzi and Teresita—but without Teresa—he asks what good it is if she’s reincarnated into a flower or a butterfly if what the girls need is a mother. Can God be so cruel so as to deprive a young girl of her mother’s touch? And so reality turns into dream—or is it the other way around? And she is back again. Could Teresa still be alive? From the streets of Mexico City comes this heart-warming story of a young man struggling to raise his two daughters while working the night shift as a taxi driver.
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Oscar Torres LaraMosca
Mitzi Abril Torres MoralesHerself
Teresa Torres MoralesHerself
Teresa Morales CorreaHerself

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