Dragon Squad (2005)

Nov 10, 2005 110 min Watch Trailer

overview : A team of Interpol agents arrive in the city to testify against a local crime lord. However on the way to court the vehicle carrying the Triad boss is attacked and the crime lord snatched, not by his own people but by another foe.
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Vanness WuOfficer Wang Sun-Ho
Shawn YueOfficer Hung Kei-Lok
Xia YuPRC Luo Zai-Jun (as Xia Yu)
Huang Sheng-YiOfficer Pak Yut-Suet (as Eva Huang)
Lawrence ChouOfficer James Lam, INTERPOL
Sammo HungKong Long (as Sammo Hung)
Michael BiehnPetros Angelo
Huh Joon-hoCaptain Ko Tung-Yuen (as Huh Joon-Ho)
Maggie QYuet
Simon YamCommander Hon Sun
Isabella LeongKong's Daughter
Li BingbingYu Ching (as Li Bing Bing)
Andy OnSuet's Undercover Target
Philip NgLee Chun Pei
Bey LoganOfficer Kyle

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