M.A.I.D. (2004)

Dec 23, 2004 min Watch Trailer

overview : A group of house maids are transferred to be secret agents to investigate a suspicious event with modest technology equipment. The new blood agents struggle in the rough and tough mission without the knowledge of how to use the equipment and that leads to the failure of their mission. Are they gonna make it while they have to do housework and the mission in the same time?
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Pornchita Na SongkhlaWaew
Thienchai Jayasvasti Jr.Willy
Jarupus PattamasiriJim-yai - Big Jim
Jarunee BoonsakeCat
Panalak Na LumpangAe
Somlek SakdikulPrasert (as Somchai Sakdikul)
Russamee ThongsiripraisriSirikhwan
Krystal VeePaula (as Krystal Virulchanya)

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